Love is Contagious Video Instructions


Hi all! Thank you for taking part in this collective video! The concept is that we are all virtually passing a heart around from one person to the next around the globe. So in this video you are simply going to receive a heart from one side of the screen, receive the love from that heart for a moment, and then pass it to the other side of the screen. Watch the sample video to see this concept in action. I have also added a video from our friends Dana and Ed who did this exactly right! You don’t have to kiss it like I do in the video – feel free to do whatever you like. Have fun with it! You can do this as an individual, a couple, a family, a group, you can have your pet do it, you can have your child do it. Whatever moves you.

1) Find a heart. It can be an object shaped as a heart, a valentine, even a hastily drawn heart as I have made in the sample video. You can put a message on it or not. It can be extremely simple or complex.

2) Set up your camera to film yourself vertically, or ask someone to film you (and your group if you are with others).

3) Hit record. Then hold the heart off screen with you left hand so that you can’t see it (yet) in the frame.

4) With your right hand, receive the heart (as if someone off screen is giving it to you). Receive the love from it in whatever way you wish, and then pass the heart along off screen to the opposite side from where you received it from (your right hand going to your right). It will look flipped on the video and that is fine.

5) Send your video to me via dropbox (or email) at by Friday, 2/10 at 8pm EST or hit the green upload button to the right ——>

Don’t worry about the bits at the beginning and end where you are getting into position – I will edit those bits off.

You will see that in my second take I am receiving the heart from above which is incorrect but also looks kind of ok. You really can’t mess this up!

Thank you for participating! You can email me at if you have questions.

Sample video

Dana and Ed doing this just right

You can listen to Love is Contagious here!