A Certain Kind of Beauty

Dan Aronie was a model and aspiring actor when he was diagnosed with a severe and progressive case of Multiple Sclerosis at 23. At an age where most people are just starting their lives, Dan is faced with contemplating an unsure future. With the support of family and friends, what Dan uncovers is a profound and inspirational inner strength – a certain kind of beauty he never knew he had.

His mother, writer Nancy Aronie recalls, “One hand numb, the other with tremors, Dan was looking so broken and vulnerable — his macho, motorcycle-mechanic, pool-shark persona crumbling. I said, ‘Dan do you want to make a video of this? That way we can track this disease.’ He nodded with the first smile I had seen in months.” The pact was made.

The result was an intimate documentary about how Dan Aronie remakes his life, his relationships, his whole world. Much more than an account of the progression of an illness, A CERTAIN KIND OF BEAUTY is an altogether beautiful film about frailty and strength, the devotion of friends, endurance of family, and the perseverance of a will so powerful and moving, you will never take anything for granted again. Not love. Not life. Not even tying your shoe. Indeed, you will come to know a man who is no longer built like a rock, but whose soul could move a mountain.

A CERTAIN KIND OF BEAUTY broke my heart and renewed my spirit. A film like this makes the world better.” —Wally Lamb, bestselling author SHE’S COME UNDONE and I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE